Stroller Advice Needed!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hi beautiful mommas!  Hope you are having a wonderful morning :)

I am in need of some advice on the lovely topic of STROLLERS! 

We are going to start our registry in a couple of weeks after we find out the sex of our baby (eeeeekkkk!!!!).  I still have a feeling this baby is a boy.  Anyways, I have been doing some research on which stroller I should register for and I am pretty certain I need the BOB.  As an active mommy-to-be,  I feel like having the best jogging stroller on the market is a must have.  I have used the BOB when jogging with my nieces and nephews and I absolutely love it.  It's very comfortable and seems to be a very smooth ride.  

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Now, the only problem with the BOB is that it is a little bulky for everyday use.  Do you agree?  Is it a pain to lug around on your daily errands?  My sister-in-law has advised me to register for something like the City Select stroller by Baby Jogger. This is not a jogging stroller but it can be converted into a double stroller when we have another baby.  I also love that it has 16 possible configurations which includes a configuration for a bassinet (at an extra cost).  

What is your opinion?  Is it necessary to have 2 strollers?  Will the BOB be just fine to use as my daily stroller?  Is it rude to register for 2 different strollers?  

Would love any feedback from all you mommas out there...HELP!

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