lets talk sports bras

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Okay ladies...lets talk sports bras! 

My very first pregnancy symptom was that my boobs were KILLING me.  None of my 5 million sports bras that I had were doing the job.  They did not have near enough support or coverage that I needed.  I had to completely stop running they hurt so bad...it's all about the power walking now (which I'm totally okay with).  

I spent what seemed like the entire weekend searching for the perfect, comfortable, supportive sports bras.  I tried Nike, Target, TJ Maxx, Under Armour, and Reebok...none of which provided the support and comfort that I needed.  

After searching high and low, I found the one at Lululemon!  Thank goodness for Lulu, I would be lost without it ;).  I ended up with the Energy Bra.  It is considered to have light support, which is perfect because it doesn't feel too constricting.  I also love that all the Luluemon bras have built in pockets with removable cups, I seem to really need those cups these days.  Not only is the Energy Bra extremely comfortable, it is SO cute (isn't everything in that store?!).  Although pricey ($48), I don't regret spending a dime on this bra!  Some things are just worth spending the money on...and a good bra is one of those things!

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